• Surge Protectors vs. Power Strips. What’s the Difference?
    You may find surge protectors and power strips in the market, whether you shop for them online or in a physical store. Have you ever been curious about the distinction between a surge protector and a power strip? Have you ever pondered the subject of how to differentiate between the two? The following explains the distinction between power strips and surge … Read more
  • How to choose a Surge Protector. A buyer’s Guide
    Whether you’re setting up a home office or a data center, a surge protector is one of the most inexpensive yet crucial pieces of hardware you can invest in. Surge suppressors prevent electrical devices from being harmed by power surges, poor wiring, and other voltage fluctuations. It may involve a total blackout or even a momentary decrease in line voltage … Read more
  • Are Surge Protectors necessary? Here’s What They Do
    Many usually confuse a power strip and a surge protector––but these are different! Please find out how they vary and why a solid surge protector is essential below. Despite common misconceptions, surface protectors are not the same thing as power strips. The distinction is critical because only one of them will shield your electronics from a power surge. Let’s look … Read more
  • What is a surge protector, and why do you need one?
    Modern appliances and electronic equipment are significantly more sensitive than in the past, and any electronic item put into an electrical socket is susceptible to catastrophic harm. An electrical surge protector is useful because it can prevent expensive devices from being damaged. Power surges, however, pose a significant threat to sensitive electronic equipment. What is a Surge Protector? Electronic gadgets … Read more
  • Guide to When to Use a Surge Protector?
    ZeroDT has delivered surge protection systems for every industry imaginable, including utilities, oil and gas pipelines, aerospace, water/wastewater, hospitals, and food processing. Let us assist you in protecting your vital systems from overvoltage spikes. Despite what you might think, energy is inconsistent at the rate at which energy is delivered to our homes and networks. Contrarily, it rises and falls … Read more

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