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ZeroDT has delivered surge protection systems for every industry imaginable, including utilities, oil and gas pipelines, aerospace, water/wastewater, hospitals, and food processing. Let us assist you in protecting your vital systems from overvoltage spikes.

Despite what you might think, energy is inconsistent at the rate at which energy is delivered to our homes and networks. Contrarily, it rises and falls with variations in supply networks, power demands, and other variables. Electricity voltage surges can occur for various reasons, including but not limited to: lightning strikes, downed power lines, on/off cycles, and tripped circuit breakers. Damage to your electrical gadgets is possible if the quick surge of power travels via your cell phone cords or computer’s lightning cables.

Protective devices against sudden electrical surges are useful in this situation. While power strips are commonly known for allowing several devices to use a single outlet, their true function is to shield electronics from spikes in electrical current. Then why do people use surge protectors? Everyone using alternating current could gain, but specific systems and configurations need extra care.

When to use a Surge Protector?

You should use a Surge Protector if you are:

Game Freak: With so many interdependent parts and wires, everything must keep ticking over as it should. Cat5 Ethernet cables should last between 5 and 10 years if properly maintained.

Businessman:  In the event of an unexpected power surge, vital data may be lost if you are not well protected. Additionally, even though smartphones typically last for two years, they can be destroyed by an unexpected power surge.

Use Medical Equipment: Medical devices require a stable electricity supply free from spikes and dips. There should be no power surges or interruptions. Surge protectors are especially critical now that hospitals save an estimated $30 billion annually by integrating systems that connect vital sign monitors, smart pumps, and ventilators with electronic health data.

Your electronic equipment will benefit greatly from surge protection, regardless of your profession. When possible, it’s always preferable to err on the side of caution; nevertheless, in the event of a surge, it’s crucial to take all possible precautions.

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